What It Is:

A four-week guide to introduce you to holistic living and reset your body to its optimal health. 


Who It's For:

Anyone with a body. Seriously...it doesn't matter if you feel good already and just want to feel a little better, or if you need an entire lifestyle overhaul. Whether you've delved into holistic health before or it's brand new to you, this guide will support you in finding your most vibrant well-being. Your health goals may include: increase energy; improve sleep; reduce stress/anxiety; improve body composition (lose fat/gain muscle); balance hormones; improve digestion; lower cholesterol/blood pressure; or simply learning to ditch crazy fad diets and to get in tune with your body. 


The Breakdown:

Each week you will be presented with a menu of habits to choose to incorporate. Topics will include nutrition, plant therapy/herbalism, movement, regeneration, stress management, meditation, sleep optimization, body image, relationship towards food, and more. 

In addition to step-by-step guidance and assignments to help you reach your goals and feel great, you will also receive a bonus recipe book with lots of delicious and nourishing recipes to help you get creative in the kitchen. 


This 4-week guide includes everything that you need to begin to form sustainable lifelong health habits. You will start to feel your health transforming in the first week, and will see incredible progress in your body after the first 4 weeks. Consistency is key here...the longer you stick to building these habits, the more results you will see! 

*When you purchase this guide directly from my website, you will receive a free e-mail consultation with me to help get you started! 


Additional Support:

For those who are interested in having added support and accountability, or need a more specialized program due to personal health issues, I offer a select number of 1:1 coaching spots for this program each month. If you apply for one of these spots, you will receive weekly coaching sessions with me (via Skype or FaceTime), customized programming, and personalized tools and workshops to suit your specific health goals. 

Cost: This supportive program is $489 for one month and includes the 4-week guide, four 1:1 coaching sessions, unlimited e-mail support, and bonus materials and recipes each week.

Please email me at megan@empowered-bodies.com to inquire about availability. If spots are full, I will add you to the waitlist and you can always begin the Holistic Habits self-study version in the meantime. 



Congratulations on taking the first step towards empowerment, radiant health, and being your own best advocate when it comes to your body. I am so excited to be on this journey with you! 

Holistic Habits: 4-Week Health Reset Guide


    ​© by Megan Sherer

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