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Well, Then...It's Been A Great First Season!

In case you missed the updates on my social, I re-branded my podcast earlier this year! What was formerly known as the "Life In Yoga Pants" podcast is now the "Well, Then" podcast.

On Well, Then we talk about everything from yoga and meditation, to gut health, to eating psychology, mental health and more. The idea is that when you put your health first, everything else in your life will improve too. It’s hard to live a full life when you don’t feel your best. We talk about the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of wellbeing...no subject is off-limits!

As we wrap up Season 1, I wanted to share some of my favorite episodes of the year with you (although tbh it is really hard to play favorites, and as any good parent would say - I love them all equally). I suppose I should say, these were some of the fan favorites that really seemed to resonate with y'all!

Understanding Your Body Through Mobility, Movement & Play with Dr. Jen Esquer

20 Habits For Creating An Impactful Morning Routine

The Inflammation Spectrum with Dr. Will Cole

Maris Degener on Yoga & Eating Disorder Recovery

The Breast Implant Illness Series (7-part special)

This is just a few of the 44 episodes I was so thrilled to share with you guys this year. And the great news is, this is just the beginning! As we take a brief break to enjoy the end of one decade and the beginning of a new one, I'll be recording lots of new and exciting episodes for you guys to listen to in season 2.

We will be diving deeper into mental health, holistic nutrition habits to support our wellbeing, building healthy relationships, controversial topics in the wellness world, women's health, non-toxic products and why they're important, book releases, and SO much more.

Make sure you subscribe to the podcast on iTunes (or wherever you listen) so that you can be the first to know when new episodes are released! And follow me on Instagram to stay up to date on more announcements, giveaways, and wellness tips.

Lastly, I would love to hear what you are thinking of the podcast, so I would be super appreciative if you could leave a review in the iTunes store! It means the world, and helps more people get access to this information as well.

As always, have a happy, healthy day (and a magical new year!!).



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