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The Breast Implant Illness Series: Why We're Killing Ourselves For Beauty

This week I launched the Breast Implant Illness series on my podcast, “Well, Then”. I created this series as a resource for all women out there who have gotten breast implants, or have been considering plastic surgery in general. As someone who has both gotten and removed breast implants, I am speaking from personal experience when I say that there is not enough information out there when it comes to these issues. And when women are quite literally dying in an effort to achieve subjective beauty ideals, silence is simply not an option.

At more than 2.5 years post-explant surgery, I have had a lot of time to reflect on what my experience has taught me. After getting my implants out, I was so grateful to have my body back that I eventually stopped thinking about my surgeries altogether. I just wanted to put it all behind me. But these past few months I have spoken to countless women about their own journeys and struggles, and I realized that it is so important for us to continue to share our stories to get the word out for other women out there.

When I finally got the the point where I was serious about getting my implants removed, I still had significant hesitations. I had never met anyone who had implants removed (and not replaced) before, so I was understandably nervous. Then one day I came across a woman's post on Instagram who was sharing in real time, her explant surgery and recovery process. I reached out to her and she graciously answered many of my questions and helped calm my nerves. I went in to book my implant removal surgery the very next day. If it weren't for her, it may have taken me much longer to work up the courage I needed. Sharing is truly powerful, and you never know who you may impact in the process.

This series has reignited a fire in me to do something about the reasons this issue exists in the first place. I started to get mad at the irresponsibility and disregard that implant manufacturers and many surgeons show for women’s health. I started to get mad that I had these toxic objects in my body for 2 years without knowing that they are literally poisonous, and the fact that they could have done a lot more damage if I’d left them in longer. And I started to get mad that society has created this broken narrative around women needing to surgically alter their bodies in the first place. None of it is okay, and it’s time for us to talk about it.

To set up this series, I kick it off in the first episode by sharing the beginnings of my own story about breast implants, body image, BII, and reclaiming my body through explant surgery. I dive into the reasons behind my decisions, the symptoms I was experiencing, and start to challenge widely-accepted perspectives around plastic surgery and body image.

Then in part 2, I welcome board certified plastic surgeon Dr. Kai Morimoto on the show to share her professional expertise on breast implant illness, and the observations she’s made in her explant patients and their health.

The rest of the week we hear from more women on their unique journey with getting implants, experiencing painful and debilitating BII symptoms, and ultimately deciding to explant.

Tamra Dae On Challenging Societal Norms

Model Turned Nutritionist Sarah Anne Stewart On Her Explant Process

IFBB Pro Bikini Competitor Tawna Eubanks Mccoy On Removing Her Implants

Karlee J On Getting Implants At Age 19

Finally, I wrap up the series with a more in-depth episode on the potential symptoms of breast implant illness and risks of getting a breast augmentation. I over all the things that surgeons and implant companies do tell you upfront, and all the many things that they do not tell you. I share more testimonies from women who wrote in about their stories for this series. And again, I challenge the factors that have led plastic surgery to become such a “normal” and widely accepted thing today.

I highly encourage you to tune in to this series and learn more about the very real problems that women are facing every day because of having breast implants. And I encourage you to start more positive and empowering conversations about body image with the other women in your life. We are so much more than what we look like, and it’s about time we remember that. It’s about time we stop literally making ourselves sick for the sake of beauty and appearance. I invite you to be a part of this change with me, and the other brave women who shared their stories on this series.

And if something here resonated with you, I invite you to share it with other people in your life who may need to hear it.

*Note: The podcast is currently available on Apple Podcasts (iTunes), Spotify, Google Play, and Podbean.

Thank you for tuning in!



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