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My Cooking Philosophy: Simple, Healthy, Delicious

If there is one thing that I have heard consistently from my clients (and even strangers) as I am teaching them how to adopt healthy lifestyle habits, it’s that they don’t feel comfortable in the kitchen. They want to learn to cook healthy meals for themselves, but they don’t know where to begin. And I completely get it; the kitchen can be an intimidating place if you’re not familiar with it. Not to mention, looking at a 47-step recipe that you found on Pinterest would make any rational person want to run for the hills and order Postmates instead.

So one of my goals is to take the intimidation factor out of cooking, and teach people how easy it is to whip up healthy meals on the fly. Truly, once you get a feel for some basic foundational skills, being in the kitchen will begin to feel second-nature. My goal is that all of my clients, and all of you reading this, become so comfortable being in the kitchen that you don’t feel the need to follow a recipe and can simply trust your own intuition when it comes to creating new and delicious meals.

I call this cooking technique “eye-balling” (that's a very technical term), and if you’ve cooked with me before you know that it’s my jam. This is the way that I learned to cook, and I truly believe that it is one of the best ways. You just throw in a little of this, a little of that, mix it all together and see if it tastes good…and if it doesn’t, then you just add another pinch of this or that. Truly, experimenting in the kitchen should be fun, not stressful. Once you get to know your own taste buds, which spices they like and which ones they don’t, as well as how certain foods combine together, you will become a master chef in no time.

When I share a recipe with you guys, my intention is that it is simultaneously as simple and delicious as possible. This recipe archive is a collection of recipes that I have created, adapted, borrowed, or been inspired by that have made it into my rotation of favorite dishes. Growing up I would always turn to cooking magazines and the Food Network for inspiration, and then ask me dad if we could try a new recipe together. Then when food blogging hit the scene, I began to stockpile recipes like it was my job. Sometimes all it takes is the perfect mouth-watering picture or description to inspire you to get in the kitchen, so I decided it’s time to pay forward my own love of cooking to all of you by sharing the many recipes that I come across. So whether it’s an original recipe of my own, or one that I’m sharing from a favorite blogger, you can trust that it will be stress-free, healthy, and drool-worthy.

I will be adding new recipes to the collection every week, so be sure to subscribe to my newsletter and follow me in Instagram (@megansherer) for updates. And if there are any types of recipes you would like to see more of, please let me know! My intention is that we can all come together to share the tips and tricks that have worked best for us to get us in the kitchen consistently. You will be amazed at the results you start to see in your health once you empower yourself to cook at home more. So what are you waiting for? Go get inspired and create!

Happy cooking loves!



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