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How To Stay Grounded During Tough Times

I am beginning to think that life is a continuous series of transitions. Either that, or the past 5 years of my life have just been exceptionally unique. But I think it's the former.

I am going through yet another transition in multiple areas of my life, and in many moments I find myself wishing it would just let up a bit, and wondering why life can't just be blissful all of the time. But I already know the answer to that. The contrast is what makes life so beautiful. The challenges make the successes that much sweeter. The highs are only so exhilarating because we know the pain of the lows. The darkness has just as much value as the light.

Having been through the ringer a few times, I also know the importance of taking care of yourself, mind, body and spirit, during those challenging seasons. It is so crucial to get a little bit of perspective, and to do what you can to keep yourself healthy anytime you feel knocked off course. Believe me, dealing with life's obstacles is much easier when your health is on point.

Here are a few of my favorite go-to practices to stay centered when life gets a little heavy:

* Take a walk. Seriously, you can't underestimate the power of a little fresh air. Getting outside and moving my body never fails to give me a new perspective, or at least to release some pent-up stress and tension. Plus, it can be a great time to listen to some of my favorite music, or to go music-free and let my thoughts flow.

* Make a healthy meal. Cooking always gives me a great sense of accomplishment, which can be very empowering. And making something healthy just reinforces that empowerment and self-respect. I know that it can be so easy to reach for the comfort food or order fast food when life gets hectic, but that's precisely the time when your body needs more nourishment.

* Write it out. If journaling isn't already a part of your self-care routine, it should be. Writing is such a great form of self-expression, and can help you to get out your feelings and organize your thoughts when processing difficult situations. If it feels foreign or unfamiliar, simply start with the act of keeping a gratitude journal. Each day, write 3-5 (or more!) things that you are grateful for. Big, small, totally random, it doesn't matter! As long as it is something you feel genuinely thankful for. And once you get used to writing out your thoughts, you can begin to free-write. This is as simple as waking up and writing out several pages of whatever wants to come out, no judgments. Free-writing is one of my favorite ways to make sense of confusing emotions and to let go of what's no longer serving me.

For more tips like these, be sure to check out my new 4-week health reset guide, Holistic Habits. It is full of all kinds of practical guidance to help you feel your best no matter what challenges life throws your way.

And lastly but most importantly, remember that this too shall pass. This season of your life, whether good or bad, will soon fade into the next one, so don't get too caught up in what it looks like. It will be changing soon anyways. And that's okay. Life really is just a series of transitions, so we might as well make the most of them by living in the moment and soaking them up for all they are worth.



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