• Megan Sherer

How To Stay Motivated When Life Gets In The Way

My second video for you guys is all about how to stay motivated and how to take care of your health when you feel overwhelmed and life is getting in the way. It's the times when we are stressed and life feels chaotic that we need self-care the most! So in this video I give you guys my top 4 things to do to take care of your body and remain in good health throughout a particularly stressful or busy time.


And these are all great things to do even when life is nice and balanced...your health should always be a top priority! Everything else in your life will be infused with positive energy if your health is taken care of first.

You don't have to do everything all at once either. Commit to taking on at least one of these healthy habits this week, and once you will like you're in the grrove with that one, add another! Take note of the improvements in how you are feeling as you make these changes, and you will be much more motivated to stick with them when you feel like it's too much effort. You can do this. You are worth it!!

With so much love,


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