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Are You Sabotaging Your Health & Weight?

Have you ever had someone in your life who didn’t come from a space of love and respect, and so they constantly pushed your boundaries and took advantage of you? How long did you allow that person to stay in your life? For some of us who struggle with people-pleasing syndrome or even codependency, they might have stuck around far too long. For others of us, the minute we experience disrespect, they’re outta there. It’s impossible to have a healthy relationship when someone isn’t treating you with respect.

Well, consider for a moment that your relationship with your body is no different. It requires thoughtful communication, loving patience, kindness and respect, just like any other relationship. And when it doesn’t get those things, it rebels.

True health and long-lasting results come from self-respect. When you learn to respect yourself and your body, you will intuitively be guided to the best choices for your health, and you will get the results you’ve always wanted in a sustainable way. The weight that you’ve been struggling to lose, will naturally fall off. You won’t live in a constant state of anxiety about diet and exercise. Health will simply come easily and naturally.

But when your self-worth is out of whack, respectful actions tend to go down the drain. That’s when you polish off a pint of ice cream late at night after a tough day, or binge on pizza or chips or whatever else is laying around the house. That’s when you continue to go out for after-work drinks, even though you know your body has been asking you to slow down on the alcohol. Or maybe you ignore our body’s hunger cues when you’re stressed and don’t fuel it with the nutrition that it needs, only to end up overeating to the point of feeling sick once you do realize you’re hungry.

You’ve heard about balance and moderation, but at this point they may as well be words in a foreign language. You know that your actions aren’t serving you, but feel powerless to do anything about it. You know that you don’t feel well when you do these things, but somehow you just can’t stop doing them. You think that you just must not have enough willpower. It’s just too hard to be healthy.

Well the reality is that it has nothing at all to do with your willpower, and everything to do with self-respect. I learned this lesson the hard way over many years of trial and error and frustration. I under-ate, I over-ate, I used food to mask emotions, I restricted food groups, I exercised to the point of exhaustion and illness, I criticized my body, I tried cleanses and fad diets, I abused caffeine and fat burners, and I ignored all of the warning signs my body was giving me along the way. I simply didn’t understand that the health and results I was looking for would actually come from a place of surrender, rather than of relentless control. But once I began to catch on to this notion, everything changed.

When I began to respect myself, I learned the best diet and exercise for my unique body, and my entire quality of life improved. My energy increased, my sleep was better, I had fewer aches and pains, and I began to feel light and free, rather than heavy and weighed down. My hair and nails suddenly grew longer, stronger and healthier than ever before. My skin was clearer and had a new glow to it. I felt good. More than that, I felt alive and vibrant, in a way that no diet or workout plan had ever made me feel.

So if reading this makes you realize that you’ve allowed that disrespectful person (in this case, your ego) to outstay their welcome, consider that it’s time to ask them to leave. You deserve the vibrant health that self-respect creates. If you’re ready to make that change but don’t know where to start, know that you don’t have to do it alone. I would love to help guide you along your journey to reclaiming your health and getting the results you have always wanted. E-mail me to schedule a free 15-minute consultation: megan@empowered-bodies.com. It’s time for things to change!

I’ll leave you with this:

"You, yourself, as much as anybody in the entire universe, deserve your love and affection." – Buddha

With love,


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