• Megan Sherer

Getting The Body You Want

If your health journey is anything like mine has been, you might sometimes feel like you have to choose between loving your body how it is and not stressing about diet/exercise, or getting the body you want but being chained to the gym and a strict diet.

Well the good news is, that’s not true. You absolutely get to have the body that you want. You get to feel confident and sexy and beautiful in your body without being a slave to counting calories. But before you can have the body that you want, you have to want the body that you have.

You first get to learn to come to a place of deep acceptance of your body as it currently exists. You get to feel all of the frustration, discomfort, aches and pains of being in a body that may not match the ideal picture in your mind. Feel what it is to be there and fully own this body of yours. To make the bold and courageous choice to love it exactly as it exists right now, without wishing or willing it to change. This can be a really scary decision for many of us, because it can feel like we are releasing control. I know that for me it was certainly a daunting decision that I resisted for quite some time. I refused to think that giving up my sense of control could be the answer, because I wanted to feel like I was in charge of getting results in the way I thought I had to. I was scared that if my body changed I would feel inadequate, like a failure. And we get scared that all hell will break loose when we give up control. You think, “What if I gain tons of weight? What if I can’t stop eating? What if giving up control means my weight will be out of control?” But when you stop to think about it, nothing that lies ahead could possibly be any more out of control than you have been feeling with all of these rules in place and spinning your wheels to reach or maintain a body that seems just out of your reach. So really the only sane thing left to do is to decide to do something radically different than before. To decide to accept and respect your body. Making that decision will set you free in a way that no diet ever could.

And you may have to make that choice many, many times before it finally becomes authentic. To say, “I love, embrace and accept my body” day in and day out. Until eventually it’s your truth. And you truly begin to feel peace and love about your body.

And then one day you wake up to find that you do have the body you so desperately wanted. Only now you appreciate it much differently, and you aren’t one bit desperate about it. It’s yours, you trust that. It’s not going anywhere. And you smile to yourself because now not only do you have the body that you want but more importantly, you’re free.

That is body empowerment.

If you are ready to learn more about body empowerment and starting this exciting chapter of your health journey, e-mail me to schedule a FREE consultation: megan@empowered-bodies.com.

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