• Megan Sherer

Free Yourself From Body Prison: End The Cycle of Restrictive Dieting

Many of us try so hard to control our bodies through diet and exercise because we want to feel like we are in charge of some area of our life, oftentimes when the rest feels a bit chaotic. Being in charge feels like power and we think that grants us freedom. But in actuality, we have created our own prison. We have made our happiness and “freedom” conditional on something that is ever changing (our body) and something that we must rigidly adhere to (our diet and exercise), otherwise we feel we’ve failed.

When we can give up the desire to control our bodies through force, we allow ourselves to get results through graceful surrender. We allow our intuition to be heard again and in trusting it, we find the very peace and balance we were striving for, only without the struggle. We find true freedom.

This sort of body freedom means that we get sick less, we have more energy, we lose our gain the weight our body is meant to, we have fewer aches and pains, and we realize that true health will never be found in a number on the scale.

And I know how absolutely terrifying it is to be willing to give up control. We think, “What if I gain tons of weight? What if I can’t stop eating? What if my body changes? What if it doesn’t work for me?” Believe me when I say that I have been there before, and I understand all of these fears and how real they are. But trust me when I tell you that what’s on the other side of them is so unbelievably, blissfully worth it.

If you are ready to learn what it means to loosen your grip and give up control, and to get results with your body in a happy, healthy, balanced way, I am here to help you. You do not have to do this alone. Contact me if you are ready to let yourself out of body prison and step into body freedom.

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