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How To Transform Your Health & Confidence With Body Empowerment

I’ve shared with you guys in bits and pieces on different posts about what I have been up to this past year and how my coaching has shifted. But I realized after talking with a friend the other day that I haven’t fully explained on social media what it is that I’m doing and the types of clients I am now working with.

For the past few years I was coaching people to help them reach their body goals using specific nutrition and fitness programs. So if someone wanted to lose weight or gain muscle or train for a photoshoot/fitness competition, I gave them the tools to help them do that. But after working with countless people in this capacity and learning from my own health journey as well, I realized that there was a very important piece of the puzzle that was missing: self-love.

It became glaringly obvious to me that if someone was lacking in self-love, they would either never achieve the results they thought they wanted, or they would achieve them only to lose them again within a matter of weeks or months. So rather than simply offering a band-aid approach by correcting someone’s nutrition and fitness habits, I wanted to get to the core and heal the cause of their health/body image problems.

So I spent the past year developing tools and a program to do just that. My goal now is to help you transform your relationship with food, exercise and body image. That means breaking the cycle of restrictive dieting and binge eating, or over-exercising and under-nourishing. It means helping you get to the root of your emotional eating, overeating, undereating, or fear around food and teaching you to heal those things for good.

What this also means is that I am not offering “quick results.” Eliminating your anxiety around food, exercise and body image requires a commitment to really do the work. But the rewards are unbelievable and absolutely priceless. It’s truly incredible to see how your entire life transforms when you take charge of your health in this way. You will feel healthier, more energized, and more confident than ever before, and your body will naturally settle into its ideal weight. You won’t have to worry about losing or maintaining your weight anymore, it will just begin to occur effortlessly. When you allow me to teach you to get in tune with what your body needs, rather than what society or your ego tells you to do, you will experience a lightness and peace that no diet or workout regimen can come close to achieving.

That’s what an empowered body is. Body empowerment is cultivated from a desire to treat your physical self as the beautiful miracle that it is. An empowered body is never forced to be something that it is not. So if you (or someone you know) are tired of trying to keep up with the diet culture and are ready for a more empowered way of living, I would love to help you! I am offering free 15-minute consultations to discuss your goals and see if my coaching would be a good fit for you. I also offer holistic health coaching sessions for those of you who aren’t quite ready to commit to the BEfree program, or if you already have a great relationship with your body & self-love!

I look forward to working with you!

With love,


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