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You Don't Need To Exercise To Lose Weight

Wait whatttt? That goes against everything our diet-obsessed culture tells us. So you’re probably wondering how there could possibly be any truth to that statement. While it is most certainly true, it doesn’t mean that you should stop exercising all together. It means that you have a powerful opportunity to reframe how you relate to exercise.

There are plenty of people who lose weight through diet alone. And there are also plenty of people who maintain their weight without following a strict diet or exercise routine. I’ve seen it both ways, so I know for sure that exercise isn’t a necessary component to weight loss. But what about working out simply because I enjoy it?

One thing that I was challenged to learn in my journey was the role of exercise in the realm of body empowerment and transformation. I was struggling with the duality of accepting that you do not need to exercise to lose weight, and at the same time knowing exercise is very important for other reasons like overall health and energy. So was I supposed to give up exercise for the sake of loving my body as it is rather than trying to change it through hours of intense training? Or was I supposed to keep exercising to keep my cardiovascular endurance up and my muscles strong and limber? Well the answer is neither, and both. The answer, which I found through lots of trial and error and exploration, is balance.

Movement is a vital component to altering your vibration and transforming your relationship with your body. Movement is like a time of worship for our bodies. It should bring joy, exhilaration, gratitude, and

a sense of awe and respect about the miraculousness of our physical bodies. Thus, it is essential to choose forms of movement that invoke these feelings. Whether it be through dance, yoga, running, swimming, cycling, tai chi, boxing, or any other activity doesn’t matter as long as you love it. If we are moving are body in a way that brings us joy and love, we are honoring our body and raising our vibration, which is the foundation for transformation to occur and good things to come into our lives.

For those of you who are concerned about weight loss, just know that the body tends not to burn fat when it’s in a stressed state. So when you are constantly worrying about getting another workout in, and pushing your body to exhaustion, you’re actually doing more harm than good. Forcing yourself to do exercise that doesn’t feel authentic for you, just because you want to lose weight, puts your body in a state of stress. Taking the time to honor your body and what it’s asking for will get you much closer to reaching your body goals in a healthy way than forced workouts will ever do.

So when I was exercising for three hours per day in the gym and left feeling drained and depleted, I was not honoring my body. But when I happen to move my body for three hours per day now (or two or one), in a yoga class and on a walk and dancing, I know I am honoring my body. Just like if I were to stop exercising for a month out of laziness, I would not be honoring or respecting my body’s natural urge for movement. But if I take a couple rest days one week because I sense that my body needs them, I am honoring its natural rhythm. Take a look at your own exercise habits, and see how you can start to become more aware of how they are serving your body or not. Where can you make adjustments to come into balance and acknowledge the innate wisdom that lives in your body?

So do you need to exercise to lose weight? Absolutely not. Plenty of people lose weight without a consistent workout routine. You know those friends you have who never go to the gym and never gain a pound, so you assume they must have a crazy fast metabolism? Well they might, but that doesn’t necessarily mean they are healthy on the inside. Our bodies are meant to be moved and used in a variety of ways. They aren’t meant to stay on the couch all day, just as they aren’t meant to be forced into the latest workout trend if it doesn’t bring you joy and satisfaction. So even though you don’t need to workout to lose weight, I urge you to find forms of movement that you love and that feel good for your body. I challenge you to change your exercise goal from weight loss to something more empowering, like increased energy, joy, or self-love. Health and happiness can, and should, go hand in hand. Having an Empowered Body is all about finding the balance, the sweet spot.

If you need help finding your sweet spot, let’s schedule a coaching session together so I can guide you to the best types of exercise for your body. Click here to find out more!

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