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I Am Not My Body; I Am More.

Repeat after me: I am not my body; I am more.

I am not my body; I am more.

I am not my body; I am more.

I am the countless hours spent laughing until my stomach hurts on the living room floor with best friends. I am the many tears that I've cried, some happy, some sad, all filled with passion. I am the joy that radiates from me when I hug someone I love. I am the incredible love that is displayed when I smile at my nephew. I am the deep emotion, strength and grace that is expressed through my body when I dance.

I am grateful to my body for the many wonderful things it allows me to experience through its five senses. But I am not my body. I am the life that flows through my body.

I love my body, for it is the temporary home to all of the magnificence that I am. I love my body, for it is healthy, beautiful, strong, resilient, graceful, intelligent and captivating. Because I love my body, I treat it with respect and kindness. And in return it allows me to experience even greater joy and vitality. I love my body. But I am not my body. I am so, so much more.

My body is finite. My soul is infinite.

Repeat these words until you recognize them as the truth. Once you begin to see yourself as more than just your body, it will be so much easier for you to cultivate self-love and compassion. Once you realize that your body does not define who you are, you'll become more forgiving and less judgmental of yourself. Your body is an amazing tool and a precious gift that you should learn to cherish and respect throughout your life. But it is not the essence of who you are. You are not your body; you are more.

~ With love ~


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