This is the first step towards creating the health and body that you have always wanted. In fact, it already exists inside of you, I just help you to clear away all of the habits and beliefs that are standing in your way. This initial consultation allows me to get to know you and your current/past relationships with food, diet, exercise, body image, as well as your goals. You will receive guidance and recommendations based on what we discuss.


You may also use this time to ask any questions you may have about nutrition, fitness, wellness, and body empowerment. These consultations are often powerful eye-openers, and a great way to decide if you're ready to start a full coaching program with me.


Includes: One 60-minute session + one 15-minute follow-up. You will receive individualized guidance, meal planning tips, a grocery list, and any additional tips that may support your goals. If you decide to begin a coaching plan with me after our consultation, I will offer you a discount on your package!  


Price: $250

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